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Your complete wire hangers source

In addition to the transport service that are described in our shipping map we also provide:

  • All bureaucratic procedures at the departure and arrival ports such as T2L documents, customs clearing, all necessary certificates for port authorities etc.
  • Insurance upon request
  • Know-how of all our dry-cleaning and laundry chemicals that you might choose from our catalogue
  • Transport to your place from the port of destination (door to door service)
  • Smart packing: we have special pallets and boxes for perfect fit in containers, (different from the euro pallets and boxes we use for road transport). In this way you can have more wire hangers in your shipments to lower the transport cost.
  • Special ADR transports for dry cleaning solvents.

Even if you are not an experienced importer, we make your life easier by taking care of all the details, closing the best deals with shipping companies and agents worldwide. You will enjoy an easy, safe, profitable import of our quality products for your laundry!

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Clear and 'smart' solutions to the difficult issues of dry cleaning
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Your complete wire hangers source.

Your complete wire hangers source.

Clear and 'smart' solutions

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Shipping Map

Shipping Map

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