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Cleaner-Laundry-Ironing Equipment

Alex Pavlis company does not sell basic dry cleaning machinery and heavy equipment such as washing machines, dry cleaning machines, etc. In this category we mean light equipment (such as baskets for transport / storage, rails, professional steam irons and others) which are ancillary to work in the laundry-dry cleaning-ironing field.

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Filtration In Drying Cleaning Machines

Filtration in dry-cleaning is an important process. With the right techniques and filters, the professional dry cleaner ensures that the solvent is always clean from dirt and colour. Our company has all the necessary filters and products (for each type of machine) for the best filtering and discoloration of the solvent.

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General Supplies For Laundry-Ironing-Dry Cleaning

This category includes any auxiliary materials not listed in other categories of our catalogue .They are products especially designed for professionals in this field to treat and take care of garments.

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Personal Protection

Our company has all the necessary personal protective equipment required by the legislation to protect workers in laundries, dry cleaning, or ironing shops, and in particular for users of dry cleaning machines.

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Marking Products

In order to identify clothes and not to lose them during the process of washing, cleaning and ironing, there are special procedures and products. When marking clothes either manually or electronically, the aim is not to lose any garments and to have them in the correct order.

The right product to reach this aim are clothes identifying labels which do not get destroyed or fade in water, detergents or solvents and which remain indelible and readable even if you use them when dyeing clothes!

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Ironing Products

For the ironing process, Alex Pavlis company has all the supplies for professional ironing boards, presses, dolls, cabins and roller ironers.

There are many qualities of products and our customers can choose those materials that will provide quality and speed of the ironing from a wide range of companies that we represent.

We always try to cover all the models of ironing equipment in the market, by offering quality and prices for the professional ironer.

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Clothes Packaging

Our company has not only been a producer of wire hangers since 1978, but it also supplies all the necessary products to pack clothes, blankets, carpets, quilts and clothing in general (hanged or folded). Our range of products includes accessories for wire hangers, packaging for curtains, ties, blankets and shirts, nylon bags in different sizes, polyethylene rolls for bagging machines, perforated rolls in small thickness to be the most economical, and all kinds of packaging for dry cleaning and laundry. Both types of rolls can be printed upon request.

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Laundry Supplies

What is not known so far, is that companies specializing in dry-cleaning products have the most sophisticated and quality products for wet washing. Apart from common detergents (washing powder, liquid soaps) and conditioners, there are also a lot of products for special purposes, such as additives against stains caused by oil, food etc., additives to stabilize colours, antishrinking agents for wool, disinfectants for clothes, for short economic wash and many more.

In addition, we have specially designed detergents for restaurants, hotels and the tourism sector in general, and consumables for industrial laundries.

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Special Dry-Cleaning Products

With the expression "special products" we refer to a wide range of products designed to solve difficult problems that appear in clothes and in their preparation. These problems can be due to delicate fabrics, to the machine or the solvent used for dry-cleaning.

This line includes:

  • products for damaged clothes (dyed, faded, odour and other problems)
  • products to take care of the solvent as far as acidity or bacteria problems are concerned
  • products designed to give better quality results for a more competitive laundry
  • care products for the dry cleaning machine

These specific chemicals can be used preventively or after the damage. You have to follow instructions very carefully and be a capable user to be successful.

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Retail Products

It is a line of household products for garment care. The professional dry cleaner is a specialist who can suggest a suitable product for washing, ironing, packaging and storage of clothes at home. Our range of products is regularly updated.

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Your complete wire hangers source.

Your complete wire hangers source.

Clear and 'smart' solutions

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