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ALEX PAVLIS company is probably the only wire hangers producer who has a direct contact and feedback from drycleaners, the end users of our products. This results in perfect quality, which is what our customers ask for. That means we have the heaviest box in the market, and a clean, shiny, strong wire hanger. Our production line carefully follows the following steps:

  • Good selection of a clean, stable, hard, and quality raw material
  • Special storage of the raw material to keep it 100% clean until production: every coil is on a special pallet, perfectly wrapped to be protected from dust, humidity, and so on.
  • Final cleaning process during production: we use special chemicals and solvent cocktails to clean the wire in a fast and dry way. Our knowledge on dry cleaning chemicals has helped us a lot to create special formulas to “dry clean” the wire for our hangers.
  • Final quality control to separate and exclude any single piece that might not satisfy you
  • Packing with a variation only of 1 piece/box
  • And of course, a happy, well paid staff takes care of all the above production steps.

raw material storage

constant cleaning of the feeding rolls.
We do it also in other production phases

Top Quality

Clear and 'smart' solutions to the difficult issues of dry cleaning
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Your complete wire hangers source.

Your complete wire hangers source.

Clear and 'smart' solutions

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Shipping Map

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